Corporate Imposed Toxin Food to Human Body

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गोरक्ष पोस्ट १८ जेष्ठ २०८०, बिहीबार
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Surajeet Dutta

Food is an addiction like any other. Poultry, seafood, meat, eggs, unpasteurized dairy, rice all carry a high risk of food poisoning. We don’t need vitamins or supplements, but a cleansed body. Everybody in this world on a sad western diet is dying from “Food Poisoning”. Normally, Food Poisoning is an illness caused by eating food contaminated with bacteria, viruses or toxins. It can result in a range of symptoms such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and even death.

Toxins are discharged from the body by the liver, kidneys, lymphatic, colon, lungs and skin. The endocrine glands no longer secrete the proper amounts of hormones into the bloodstream – metabolism slows, producing a hospitable environment for illness.

As more and more toxins accumulate in your system, they place severe stress on these organs of elimination. With continued accumulation, the liver, kidneys, and other organs may begin to malfunction, causing a weakening of the immune system.

                                                         Surajeet Dutta

The gradual accumulation of low levels of toxins cannot yet be measured by conventional analytical methods; so many doctors deny their existence. As instrumentation and measuring methods become more sophisticated, such toxic states will be recognized as dangerous. TNA is a sensitive tool that can detect these toxins and their whereabouts in the body. The TNA does not diagnose disease, rather it helps the practitioner identify nutritional status and toxic load, to help you achieve and maintain a state of health and wellness.

People migrated, moved when circumstances made their safe usual environment poor in food sources. They reached other places having different and better conditions. Depositing their seeds.   all along the way. We are basically, physiologically a fruitarian species, see teeth digestive system. So in the end we get all kinds of autoimmune diseases and reap the unnatural benefits of what we have sown. We are raw fruit primates; all mammals have a species specific digestive system. Why do we eat dead cooked poison? That’s why we get sick and die. People need to realize real living food. They got fooled repeatedly, resulting in unnecessary deaths and severe sicknesses, from in reality ‘food poisoning’ they devolve into gross flesh balls. We forget how to forge forests and jungles for fruits.

When an opium addict dies of sudden deprivation of the drug, no one says they died of starvation or that opium was keeping them alive. They died of food poisoning, clear and simple. They didn’t know how to Stop or even slow down their own fate. For them their time has run out. As humans become more disconnected from their natural heritage, they lose tone and vitality.

The Sun is a natural purifier, angstroms Light cleansings are needed. Primates eat outside from raw natural light foods. Otherwise inside eating, is more likely it is what you are eating is stopping your body’s purifying. The heat from the sun, Summer Autumn alkaline light force powers is trying to help your body get poisons out naturally/detoxify. When we do a deep cleanse, the gut cleaning is life changing.

So if we want to regain our primordial health, it makes sense to connect with our true nature, we need to give up some of our social habits that go against our nature, especially the unhealthy ones. Assimilating more nutrients, as the enzymes, digestive fluids are more easily adapted to the “One” specific fruit group that we presently eat.

What is the Warning Signs Caused by Toxicity?

Types of illnesses caused by toxicity:

Nonspecific illness: This includes poorly-defined signs such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, bad breath, muscle stiffness, depression, allergies, etc. this group is very difficult to categorize, with many combinations possible. Many of these warning signs are also labeled as hypoglycemia, candidacies, food allergies, and stress.

Specific illness: This includes better-defined syndromes having a characteristic set of warning signs. Some examples are: migraine, arthritis, psoriasis, influenza, sinusitis, immune deficiencies and tumors. In the last several decades, our food supply, drinking water, air, and soil have become increasingly contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Never before has the human body been presented with such a heavy burden of foreign substances to metabolize and eliminate. In addition, excessive use of fast food, caffeine, and alcohol continue to be widespread in our culture. Over-the-counter, prescriptions, and recreational (illicit) drugs complete the picture, taxing/ pushing the human body beyond its natural capabilities of detoxification.

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