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Media Manupulation

It’s a fear…

Our thoughts  programmed by social media and surroundings and “Fear is natural, guilt is a creation of the priests. Guilt is man-made.  Internet can be a means of bringing people together, but anger, paranoia, xenophobia and conspiracy theories are more engaging. Social media feeds you stuff that is intended to stimulate your emotion, and it is easier to stimulate feelings of anger, fear and resentment than it is feelings of joy, affection and security.

                    Writer-Surajeet Dutta

This is deeply corrupting to the political process in various ways. The feedback from social media is to reinforce whatever it is you happen to be – liberal, conservative, pro-gun, anti-war – thus diminishing you ability to understand people who think differently from you. Whatever divisions exist in society are likely to be widened by social media. Life should be surrounded by love, not by fear. Fear is the most subtle and destructive of all human diseases. Fear kills dreams…it kills hope. Fear manifests illnesses, Fear puts people in the hospital, fear will age you, fear is what holds most people back from doing things they know within themselves they are capable of. It is fear that ultimately creates violence. You see fear paralyzes people and puts them in a hypnotic state where they stay stuck.

So what is the benefit of allowing fear to hold you back? There is none…  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. It is an illusion we create….it is a state of mind that can be changed.

Look at your life. Are you satisfied with what you have produced…is this what you want? Would you like for things to be better? Do you believe you deserve better? Somebody said to me “well I am content, I’m not starving like people in some places of the world.” We let ourselves off the hook with this type of thinking.

We let ourselves off the hook with this type of thinking.

We become content and refuse to look beyond what we are given towards what we deserve. Start talking to yourself. Start building yourself up. Start encouraging yourself. Sometimes the only good things you will hear about you are the things you say to yourself. Quit looking around for someone else to build yourself up. It comes from within. Stop beating yourself up over your mistakes. Stop talking bad about yourself.

Stop beating yourself up over your mistakes. Stop talking bad about yourself.

I know you you’ve done it because we All have done it. It’s become a natural inclination to put ourselves down. We are all born positive but we live in a negative world where we are taught and programmed to be negative and have feelings of unworthiness…its part of the system of control to keep us limited and feeling down and powerless. So guard your mind against negative programming.

So guard your mind against negative programming.

I fully believe if everyone turned off their tell-lies-vision the life expectancy in this country would jump by several years because people wouldn’t be exposed to the fear-based media. If you don’t program your own mind your mind will be programmed by someone or something else.

Most people live in quiet desperation and run through life scared. False evidence appearing real…they have literally manifested the fear and made it real. That’s why Churchill said, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Turn a deaf ear to those who all they can do is talk about fear…because those people have bought Into the fake consciousness being sold to them.

Begin reading and listening to people who can empower you so you can retrain your mind into knowing what you are worth and how you can achieve what you want. You might appear strange to some people. People think you’re crazy if you live happily and don’t buy into the fear. People who are negative and unhappy are the most fearful.

If you feed the fear, the fear is then fed. Do. Not. Feed. The. Fear.

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